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Jurassic Park Tour Vehicle #21

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A summer project turned into a whole new lifestyle. This is a fan made recreation of a Tour Vehicle in Jurassic Park, now used as a daily driver for one crazy fan. This vehicle has been spotted all over Connecticut, […]

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  • Vernon, CT

Wasabi’s Car

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Wasabi’s Car from Big Hero 6! Since the car in the movie isn’t a real car, I felt that my Toyota Yaris was very close to the model. Baymax (5ft tall plush) will travel with me as well!

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  • Aurora, CO


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ECTO-1Z I converted my 2006 Toyota Tacoma into an Ecto-1, or my version of the Ecto-1. The fact that it is built out a truck, really liberated me from following the usual Ecto-1 script.

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  • Colorado Springs, Co. 80911

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Quarantine Drive By

What a special day this was. Last minute notice alerted us of a birthday drive by for a kid with CP stuck in his wheelchair. We were so honored to have been included in this event.

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Original Mad Max Interceptor hits the market

Original Mad Max Interceptor hits the market By Dave Carey with Glenn Grant | Photos: Facebook, 07 Feb 2020 News The iconic XB coupe from the Mad Max films is for sale! THE original Mad Max Pursuit Special ‘Interceptor’ has been put up for sale by […]

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Hand Washing

Tips from Griot’s Garage on the Supreme Detail

Most of us will never reach this level of detailing with our vehicles. However, some of the problem areas and solutions are handy if you’re as meticulous at maintaining your vehicle as we are. Detailing a Car for the Pebble […]

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