Geek-Garage reaches 18 vehicles and 100 likes on facebook

Big news! Geek-Garage has reached 18 vehicles in the registry and 100 likes on our facebook page in less than a month! Check out these new rides below and be sure to visit our facebook page for more information and calendar of upcoming events. To get your themed vehicle listed visit:

Please help us share the word to get more of these great vehicles recognized on Geek-Garage!

  • Jurassic Park Tour Vehicle #21

    A summer project turned into a whole new lifestyle. This is a fan made recreation of a Tour Vehicle in Jurassic Park, now used as a daily driver for one crazy fan. This vehicle has been spotted all over Connecticut, […]

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    • Vernon, CT
  • ECTO-1C

    The ECTO-1C is a movie car created as a charitable endeavor. We converted our 2014 Ford Flex into the Ectomobile from the beloved comedy classic “GHOSTBUSTERS”. I provide joyrides to autism families, host parties, and raise funds all for the […]

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    • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Jurassic Park Jeep JP37

    Being a big Jurassic Park fan and Jeep off-road enthusiast, building this movie car was inevitable. This 1993 Jeep Wrangler is both my off-roader and my good weather daily driver.

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    • Charlottesville, VA
  • Shield 407

    This is a tribute vehicle to the famed TV show Agents of Shield and spin off of the marvel films. Due to being a city car the theme was chosen to fit the car and where Shield would use city […]

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    • Orlando , Fl
  • Jurassic Jeep 28

    Jurassic Jeep 28 is a replica based off the Jeeps in Jurassic Park.

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    • Caledonia, MI
  • Thunder the Adventure Team Van

    Was conceived for a movie called ShowDevils Then I was ask to Build a vehicle for Zombie Zone and The Walker Stalker Con. and the movie Camp Crash. It’s equipped with all the props from twin working saw blades, mini […]

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    • Denver
  • Bullet Bill

    The shape of a Toyota Yaris seemed perfect for turning it into the classic Mario enemy: Bullet Bill!

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    • Lakewood, Colorado
  • MO Jeep 25

    Full frame off restoration of a 1995 YJ SE including custom interior and paint to resemble a Jurassic Park staff vehicle done in 2009. This vehicle has been used in events for companies like the Saint Louis Symphony and ballpark […]

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    • Saint Louis, MO

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