Lamborghini-Based Batmobile Destroyed by Renault

Earlier this week, YouTuber Sebastien Delanney crashed this unique replica of a Batmobile during a road rally. French media reports that it was struck by a humble Renault Scenic.
The 22-year-old car enthusiast is the grandson of rally driver Jean Ragnotti. About three years ago, he bought this unique Lamborghini-based piece of fiction, which became a part of the Team Galag roster of exotics.

According to local media, the vehicle was going being driven as part of the Cars & Coffee Benelux rally in Soest near Amsterdam. Near the town of Teteghem, located in the vicinity of Dunkirk, he left the highway and stopped at a station before merging to the D4. It is at this time that the Batmobile was hit by a Renault Scenic MPV.

During another video, where Sebastien picked up random people in London, he complained about the lack of visibility. This obviously played a big part in the crash that followed.

The damage isn’t catastrophic, but one of the front suspension arms can be seen broken, with the 26-inch wheel sitting at a weird angle. But what kind of Batmobile is this anyway?

Over the years, Batman has had many iconic cars, like the Tumbler or the classy Tim Burton rocket. However, this Batmobile belongs to the Arkham Knight series of games, so it’s not a movie car. It was put together by a Swedish company called Caresto, founded by an ex Koenigsegg’s designer who also made Jon Olsson’s race prototype.

In a 2016 statement, Caresto said this about our crime-fighting hero car: “The design is based on the car from the Arkham knight game but has been redesigned and manufactured with drivability and full functionality in mind. The car is BIG. The wheelbase is 3.40 meters and the width of this unique car is 2,5 meters. The special high rigid tubular frame is manufactured to provide good handling and give a solid feeling.”

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